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Decision to Announce 2012 Changzhou Famous Brand Products

Type: Announcement Notice Time: 2012-09-17

  Common name push [2012] No. 1

  Municipal and District People's governments and relevant enterprises:

  In order to earnestly implement the State Council's "Quality Development Outline (2011-2020)" and implement the famous brand development strategy, the Changzhou Famous Brand Strategy Promotion Committee organized the 2012 Changzhou famous brand product declaration evaluation. After voluntary declaration by the enterprise, recommendation by the relevant department, and review and comprehensive evaluation in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Changzhou Famous Brand Product Identification Measures" (trial), the Changzhou Famous Brand Strategy Promotion Committee decided that the unsaturated polyester produced by Changzhou Tianma Group Co., Ltd. Resin, glass fiber products, and rehabilitation wheelchair 207 products produced by Changzhou Zhongjin Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. are brand-name products of Changzhou City in 2012 and are valid for 3 years.

  In order to publicize and promote Changzhou famous brand products and further enhance the market competitiveness of Changzhou famous brand products, we now make the following decisions on related matters:

  1. During the validity period, enterprises that obtained 2012 Changzhou Famous Brand Products may use the title of "Changzhou Famous Brand Products" in product packaging, product manuals and advertising. The titles of Changzhou famous brand products can only be used within the scope of the certified products.

  2. Changzhou famous brand product manufacturing enterprises should strengthen their technological innovation ability, strengthen quality management, pay attention to brand publicity, and continuously improve their brand image.

  3. Strengthen the publicity of Changzhou famous brand products, expand their popularity, and establish the overall image of Changzhou famous brand products. Relevant departments should strengthen the work of "fighting counterfeit and protecting famous brands", and severely punish illegal acts of misappropriating famous brand logos and counterfeiting famous brands.

  Accessories: 2012 Changzhou Famous Brand List

  Excerpt from: http://www.czqts.gov.cn/front/detail.do?infotype=A001A&id=5463

  Jiangsu Changzhou Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau

  Changzhou Famous Brand Strategy Promotion Committee

  September 11, 2012